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5 Gazebo Tea Pouches

5 Gazebo Tea Pouches


Let's kickstart your tea routine! Tea has amazing health benefits and the easiest way to drink it is iced. Our Gazebo Tea Collection makes 2 quarts of each per pouch. You can make a pot in the morning and sip throughout the day. This tea is also perfect for your next gathering or special event. Refer to our product page for more information on each tea.


  • Azure - Alluring Azure brings together notes of lychee and citrus with organic lemongrass and sweet pineapple for a truly unforgettable cup of tea. This breathtaking blend brews a deep blue color that undergoes a magical transformation with a squeeze of fresh citrus!


  • Eden - Exotic Eden combines loose leaf black tea with high notes of summer ripened mangoes and passionfruit. This potion steeps a vibrant reddish hue with a clean, sweet finish.


  • Paradise - Paradise is an expert blend of black and green teas, jasmine blossoms, and passionfruit essence has a long-lasting, sweet flavor and astounding aroma for a perfect well-rounded cup.


  • Roselle - Roselle is a lively blend of guayusa and hibiscus flowers, highlighted by lingering notes of smooth lemongrass and perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of fresh stevia leaves. This organic tea is sweet, tart, and fruity!


  • Sweet as a Peach - Sweet as a Peach features the bright, crisp, and oh-so-sweet flavor of sun-ripened summer peaches, counterbalanced by the bold and brisk notes of a premium classic black tea.
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