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Meet Tiffany, Creator
Tea Expert | Sound Healer

Hello beautiful soul…welcome to Cairo+Bliss! I am so excited to finally share this amazing space with you. It seems like eons ago…March 2020…when the world stopped, tilted, and began again. Amongst the sea of online ads, I discovered the absolute best tea that I have ever tasted. I leaned into my curiosity, amassed an impressive tea collection and soon added this amazing beverage to my daily routine.

One of the things I enjoy most about tea is its wonderful aroma. Did you know that the brain associates scent with memories and feelings? Experts suggest these memories are often thought about less often, but when recalled, are quite vivid. Armed with my new tea ritual – and an extreme dissatisfaction of mass-produced candles, I decided to explore candle-making and the power of scent and our emotional well-being. From there, Cairo+Bliss was born.

During the pandemic, it was the ritual of drinking tea that kept me comforted, grounded and at peace. Self-care is a mindset - lean in with me! At Cairo+Bliss, we make small-batch, luxury candles created to supercharge your self-care routine and inspire a life filled with victory and happiness. All candles are made in our Virginia studio with the utmost love and intention. Drop me a line and let me know which ones are your favorite –

I hope you enjoy!

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